Cartografias da Criação is a cultural project which purpose is mapping out and broadcasting the art work of people who have been through severe psychic suffering, and whose work expresses a clear will to research and build their own artistic language, pursuing creative and artistic processes in order to establish an actual career as an artist. The website, the documentary movie and the series of round tables we are going to organize will promote the visual artists and their work. We believe the relevance of this project may be described as stimulating a great variety of creative processes and advancing an artistic production yet to be known among wider public and to which sponsorship mechanisms are still oblivious to. Cartografias da Criação, trough its activities, aims and results, will yield visibility to the artists and their work, as it opens the access to the mechanisms of sponsorship available for the cultural sector. It also fosters debate and reflection around themes such as contemporary art, madness, artistic language diversity, access to cultural production democratization, mental health, and others. Its first edition mapped two cities, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro. Six months of intensive work allowed us to identify the artists presented in this website, and also resulted in and four round tables, and a database that contains more than 500 photographs and 30 hours of audiovisual material. Over 300 people carried out the entire project. They had different interests but were all driven by one common desire: raising and discussing issues on art and culture, thinking about the existing interfaces between mental health and art fields. Given the context, the website becomes a crucial tool for it allows artists from anywhere in the country, or even other countries, to send their work anytime, thus turning the project into an on-going process. Cartografias da Criação is sponsored by Petrobras and supported by project Conexões Artes Visuais, achievement of Ministério da Cultura and FUNARTE.